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Right to Remain Fabulous

International Women's Day 2011

“You’ve got to leap into living your life. When life hands you something unexpected, embrace it, love it, welcome it and ask yourself: since this situation is what it is, how can I make this the most positive experience ever?” ~ Jennifer S. Wilkov

Your Time to Be Fabulous Is Right Now!

Jennifer’s purpose is to inspire people everywhere to leap into their lives and live the life they’ve imagined. She believes it’s in every one of us – we CAN do it.

Her personal life mission is to move humankind forward. To fulfill her mission, Jennifer fans the flames of the Human Spirit every day.

Ms. Wilkov is known as the “Make It Happen” Girl and “the Dream Maker.” With more than two decades of strategic planning and business development experience in corporate America and real life business ownership as a serial entrepreneur, she knows how to take any project from where it is to where you want it to be through proper planning, effective networking, and sound marketing strategies that work.

Jennifer knows how to foster teamwork, communication, collaboration and success at every level of an organization and business as well as for individuals with passions for their dreams, goals and personal missions.

A #1 international best-selling award-winning author, award-winning freelance writer, producer, and creative consultant for projects that ignite her passions, Ms. Wilkov is dedicated to helping individuals understand our world through books, films, blogs and other media with a positive message. She knows how to manufacture visibility through a powerful and far-reaching platform that speaks volumes.

Jennifer generously shares her talents, skills and insights with uber entrepreneurs, corporate executives, authors, filmmakers and other creatives to bring the rare combination of a strong business sense with a creative flair to every project.

As a motivational speaker, Ms. Wilkov inspires and motivates audiences everywhere to let go of their fears, get rid of their roadblocks and leap into the life they’ve always wanted to enjoy. She empowers them to understand that they have the right to remain fabulous under any circumstance, situation or condition.

Jennifer fans the flames of the Human Spirit in each audience member and empowers them to tell their story, express it transparently, leap powerfully into their lives, leave the legacy they have envisioned, and at last live the life they’ve imagined.

Every day, Jennifer knows she has the right to remain fabulous – and so do you! She knows that no matter what – your time to be fabulous is right now!

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